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We have collated answers to a number of questions typically asked when you first venture forth into the world of N/A.
In SchoolsOn, we agree with the adage "the only dumb question is the question you don't ask!"

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What age can a child start to learn dance?
Most dance schools take students from three years of age onwards. Some studios will take students under this age bracket however it is dependent on the child and the teacher. Children need to be able to concentrate and take instruction from the teacher. The three to five year olds class is usually based on developing motor skills and sense of musicality

Which style of dance is best to start with?
For the three to five year olds the lessons should comprise of a mixture of styles. It is based on fun and is a good introduction to the fundamentals of dance. Classical ballet is the basis of most dance styles and is important for developing technique and strength. Jazz dancing is fast paced and is usually choreographed to the latest music. It is great for improving co-ordination learning to isolate movement in different parts of the body. Tap dancing is becoming more and more popular due to groups such as tap dogs and the movie Bootmen. It is great for improving co-ordination and musicality. As you child progresses in dance it is best to have them involved in at least one technical ballet class a week.

What to wear?
The uniform for dance is dependent on the teacher, the studio that you attend, and the level of dance which you are learning.

What to wear for Ballet
This requires leather or canvas ballet shoes, a leotard, (with a matching skirt if required) stockings or socks, and hair in a neat bun or pulled back off the face. Later grades will need character shoes and skirt for exam.

What to wear for Jazz
Uniforms for jazz are usually more casual with students being able to wear either a leotard or shorts, pants and a top. Some schools have their own studio uniform. Jazz shoes are required as they protect the foot as well as develop technique.

What to wear for Tap
This requires a proper pair of hard soled tap shoes with tap plates attached and either a leotard or pants and a top. There are different style tap shoes for boys and girls girls having strap and buckle and the boys a lace up leather soled shoe.

How do I choose a dance school?
Selection of a dance school should be based on the style of dance you wish to study. It is important that you attend a studio where the teaching staff is qualified and the environment is safe, such as appropriate flooring. There should be a fun and enjoyable atmosphere at the studio and an appropriate level of discipline should be present.. You should consider the timetable of the classes you would be attending and if this appropriate to your routine. .

How much does it cost?
The average class for a child is approximately $8.00 to $12.00 for a to an hour class, depending on the school. Extra classes are required if you child is to do exams, eisteddfods, and competitions.

Where do I buy dancewear for my child?
All dancewear is available at your local dancewear supplier where they have qualified fitting specialists they are also a wealth of information for dance schools in your area and will be able to help you with all your enquries.

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