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 Where do students look for music ?

There is little doubt that the most common, and strongest, form of referral is from personal recommendation. However, if this is unavailable, students and their parents must turn to other avenues for information on music. These have traditionally been provided through several mediums; including local newspapers, state or national based associations, yellow pages, school newsletters, local shopping centre noticeboards etc.

Today, the internet is rapidly replacing all these alternative mediums. The internet has the advantage of 24 hour access, full and comprehensive information, the ability to compare and criticise without recrimination and the ability to recreate personal recommendations through testimonials on bulletin boards.

Many business areas have understood this, and reframed the business process. Today, very few Australians would book a holiday, buy a car or undertake a course of study without first researching the decision on the internet. Many internet directories have not understood the need for information, simply listing basic details, and thereby ensuring those seeking the information are left disappointed and frustrated.

SchoolsOn has launched to ensure that Australians have ready access to a highly informative database of music.

The standard listing includes all business & music related information, the ability to link your website, email capacity, referral and testimonials. The teacher profiles include a full biography, qualifications, statement on teaching philosophy and a photo. In addition, the selection of a premium listing allows for value-added services to your students such as full timetables per teacher, private access to a full bulletin board system, as well as an individually designed listing.

Our research has indicated a huge consumer demand, and our initial advertising on Google has validated this. We will be ensuring that Australians are aware of SchoolsOn and by advertising on all major search engines, in local newspapers and national magazines.

SchoolsOn has a special offer open to music. Register your business before 31st December, 2004 and your renewal will not be due until July 1st, 2006. This equates to a minimum of 6 months free advertising.

To keep generating a constant flow of new students into your business you must have a comprehensive listing on the internet. We suggest you join today.

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