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We are recruiting new teachers, from all over Australia, everyday!

Please check our website often as it is continually being updated.

To search for a dance instructor, select the dance style you are interested in learning below:

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 Which style of dance is best to start with?

For the three to five year olds the lessons should comprise of a mixture of styles. It is based on fun and is a good introduction to the fundamentals of dance.

Classical ballet is the basis of most dance styles and is important for developing technique and strength.

Jazz dancing is fast paced and is usually choreographed to the latest music. It is great for improving co-ordination learning to isolate movement in different parts of the body.

Tap dancing is becoming more and more popular due to groups such as tap dogs and the movie Bootmen. It is great for improving co-ordination and musicality.

As you child progresses in dance it is best to have them involved in at least one technical ballet class a week.

SchoolsOn have listed a large variety of dance teachers, ballet teachers and dance schools to provide dance lessons for beginners to advanced, children and adults.

So please, learn dance today, and remember, "Life is in the Living".

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