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Announcing the national launch of

Part of the SchoolsOn Network, aims to become Australia’s best-known online directory for linking Australians to dance instructors.

 Latest Statistics
Average traffic for last 3 months

Unique visitors per month : 1,950
Page views per month : 23,000

 What other teachers have said about listing their business:

I am getting lots of enq and some enrolments too I am very happy with the service you have so keep up the great work.

In the 6 months or so that I've been listed on the SchoolOn website, I've had a terrific response to my ad. I've had numerous student enquiries, and my teaching business has really started to take off. Thankyou, SchooslOn!

 Why should you list your business?
  • 75% of Australian households have internet access
  • 40% use the internet to source information on services
It is a fact: Australians research information online, particularly when investigating something NEW !

 You would list your business online with SchoolsOn to:
  • Attract more pupils to your business.
  • Attract highly qualified enquiries by imparting ALL information on your business.
  • Offer an extended service with online access to business specific bulletin boards and teacher timetables

 How do we attract customers to
  • Advertising in all major internet search engines
  • Advertising in local newspapers
  • Advertising in national magazines
View our latest advertising and media schedule in The Media Centre

Features for a Dance School include:

 Standard Listing: $47.95 per year
  • A comprehensive resume of your business
  • A further comprehensive instructor(s) resume, including image (maximum 5)
  • 24hr access to your listing
  • Customer link to email, website and recommendations
  • Full statistics on listing performance
  • Optional participation in SchoolsOn promotional incentives

 Premium Listing: $127.95 per year
  • All the features of the standard listing plus:
  • Full Year Column advertisement that will be in general rotation for searches in your state.
  • Priority listing in all search results.
  • Larger stand-out in listing results.
  • Multiple Instructor Class Timetable.
  • Full Bulletin Board, password protected for use by your business.

Please note : Your email address will not be displayed at any time. Prospective students will email you via a SchoolsOn contact form.

To submit your business listing :
Create a Listing Or Freecall: 1800 009 337

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